Remedial Massage

Reduce Stress & Remove Toxins

Remedial Massage and Chiropractic are the perfect marriage. Remedial Massage is not only relaxing but is important to break down scar tissue, adhesions and tension that accumulate in our muscles from daily activity.

Remedial massage is also helpful for lymphatic drainage and helping your body expel toxins that accumulate overtime.

There are many different forms of massage – and our clients all have different preferences. Some prefer deep, strong massage, while others prefer a lighter touch. Our skilled team is able to adapt their technique to your specific needs.

Pregnancy Massage

We are a family practice, and our team knows the importance of making your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. That’s why we invested in pregnancy tables that allow you to lie face down, whilst supporting your tummy to make expecting mums as comfy as possible.

A pregnant woman lying on a specialised massage table.

Our massage services are delivered in a professional

Environment where your comfort is our priority.

We have male and female therapists

available per your request.

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