“Within a matter of seconds, he had given me my life back”



A graduate of Macquarie University, Dr Jesse Middleton experienced the beginning of his own personal story of help and healing with chiropractic care, following a rugby injury that he sustained when he was just 15 years old.

Jesse found himself in tremendous pain, which only continued to get worse over the next two weeks, despite pain medication and stretches. It was then that he sought the help of a chiropractor. After assessing his spine and taking X-rays, the chiropractor told Jesse that his pelvis had been badly twisted in a tackle.

“Once he adjusted me, it was like instant relief,” said Dr Jesse. “Within a matter of seconds, he had given me my life back.”


Chiropractic care had triumphed where conventional medicine had failed. It was this experience that really opened Dr Jesse’s eyes to the healing potential that chiropractic care could offer.

His experience inspired him to choose chiropractic as his career of choice, so he too could help people in a way that was completely natural. “You can help people simply by using your hands and the right chiropractic techniques,” explains Dr Jesse.


When Dr Jesse is not busy with his patients in his practice, he enjoys spending time with his fiancée and his two Labrador puppies.

A firm advocate of regular exercise and good nutrition, Dr Jesse likes to keep fit by exercising on a daily basis. Both he and his wife-to-be are passionate about staying healthy with good nutrition, including juicing, and exercise. They also love to travel during their leisure time, and they like to renovate.

Dr Jesse is an active member of the local community, and is honoured to be a sponsor of both the local Rotary Club and The Cancer Council.

Dr Jesse would love the opportunity to share with you the transformative power of chiropractic!

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