Corporate Wellness

A Happy Team is a Healthy Team

We believe a healthy team is a happier team. That’s why we walk our talk. Our team gets monthly massage and chiropractic care. They also get the right advice when they need it regarding their health.

As a result we believe our team is our biggest competitive advantage. Our value as a business is found in our team.

We work with like-minded companies to bring health to their workplace. We do this by offering:

Onsite Training

We conduct health talks and workshops. These can be held in as little as 15 minutes during lunch breaks, or go over an hour. Topics include Stress Management, Posture, Sleep, Exercise, Women’s Health, nutrition and, our favorite, “Healthy Living to 100”.

Watch this Video: Weight Loss

Our Program is Best for People Who

  • Demand convenience
  • Need flexibility
  • Are real humans – they eat birthday cake and have the odd drink, but still need a system that will work for them
  • Want more from their health.  Our most successful attendees really want to lose weight and feel better
  • Don’t want to spend a fortune – simply redirect their normal spend on better choices
  • Are ‘ready’ to really make a change in their life – they don’t want the next fad, or a ‘quick fix’
  • Want real results that are sustainable and can be kept for a lifetime

If you would like to attend our next workshop click the button below and select your nearest clinic to book a ticket. We encourage you to bring a ‘support partner’, someone who is also keen to make a change in their health. You will hold each other accountable for your first 30 days. We limit our attendance to 15 per month – that way you get the attention you need on the night, and over the course of the 30 days.

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